Meet Gary Kim

Gary Kim has been a communications industry analyst and journalist for more than 25 years, and currently writes mostly about end user behavior, mobile applications, mobile payments, mobile banking and business models in the broadband ecosystem.

He recently was cited as a global “Power Mobile Influencer” by Forbes, ranking second in the world for strategic coverage of the mobile business.

About half his work is for “traditional” media sites. The other half are “brand-owned” media sites. He writes for several online news sources, including Carrier Evolution, IP Carrier, Mobile Marketing & Technology and TMCnet.

About the Presentation

Mobile Marketing: the Top 5 Trends
“Mobile” marketing cannot be separated from the rest of a brand’s marketing, or from emerging mobile commerce apps, new devices including tablets and e-readers, changing end user content consumption habits, the social context of virtually all content marketing experiences or the changing nature of media itself. Nor can mobile marketing ignore the increasingly “porous” boundary between offline and online experiences or changing perceptions of “what works” in advertising and public relations. Gary Kim will highlight the top five trends in mobile that you need to know, now.